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Instructor Justin Herrgesell
1st Grade Black Belt

Justin has trained in multiple styles of martial arts for 30 years.
His journey began with Taekwondo free-form under Neil Motyer, with early influences based in krav maga and judo.
Justin continued his martial arts studies in various styles of Silat, predominantly Pencak Silat Domas under Pak Les (Mr Lesley Tayu Irawan).

He was actively involved in Silat seminars under the guidance of Maul Morney over several years.

Justin’s journey in FMA started at
Cacoy Cañete Doce Pares Melbourne in 2013 with Senior Master Andrea Wheatley.

As part of Master Andrea’s team Justin has actively assisted in delivering free Self-defence programs and training programs for women across Melbourne . He was actively committed to delivering a self-defence program alongside Master Andrea at a secondary college in Melbourne for Year 7 girls.
Justin has attended & assisted on multiple seminars in CCDP including Snr GM Ron Lew, SR GM Anthony Kleeman, GM John Mac,GM Mike Barker & GM Craig Bajraktarevic-Hayward.

In 2015 Justin attended the 2nd Bali International Stick Fighting Challenge in Karangasem, East Bali with Eskrimadors
from Australia, UK, Singapore,
Philippines, USA & Indonesia.
During this event Justin assisted SR GM Ron Lew during his seminar with Eskrimadors who were able bodied and Eskrimadors with disabilities who were visually impaired, hearing impaired or wheelchair users.

In 2016 Justin represented  CCDP Melbourne at the World Kickboxing and Karate Association North Queensland Stickfighting Challenge Tournament, in Townsville, QLD.  Justin earned 2 silver medalsand a bronze medal  during this event after fighting some internationally recognised stickfighters.
In 2019 Justin was awarded 4 bronze medals after multiple gruelling fights during the International Centennial Cup, a world tournament held in Cebu City, Philippines 
In 2021 Justin earned his rank of 1st Grade Black Belt after a 2 day testing process which culminated in fighting multiple fresh opponents who entered the ring on consecutive rounds fighting full-contact with a live stick including kicks/punches/takedowns (dogfight).


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